Saving Cecil’s Pride – Digital Download


3-CD set in an eco-friendly fold-out, made of recycled paperboard. Original artwork by Thomas Jackson Park; cover graphics by Marc Archer (Archer Design & Marketing). Discs include music tracks and digital versions of program notes and photos from several wildlife photographers.

1. Byron Metcalf – Dark Brew (from Not Without Risk, 2001)
2. Cousin Silas – Lost Latitudes
3. VÆRNA – Requiem for Cecil
4. Daniel Robert Lahey – last elephant’s last breath (thing_210)
5. Ice Guild Kaiser – Uchezaji (from Various Experiments, 2013)
6. Head Joint – In the Heart of the Savanna
7. Conni St. Pierre – Village Common
8. The Inconsistent Jukebox feat Konokunok – A Beard Of Bees
9. Sherry Finzer – Mystic Haze (from Sanctuary, 2010)
10. Louis Colaiannia – Aurora’s Light
11. Pas de la Dame Sauvage – At the Water’s Edge
12. Betzler & Brückner – Gaia Ghat
13. Dawn Tuesday – Leo Persica
14. James Hoehl – on the verge of extinction
15. Candy L – Desert Demarche Remix (from Temple of the Sun, 2012)
16. Phillip Wilkerson – Mysterious Animus
17. Mystified – Pride Groove
18. Tim Kays – Kings of the Kopje
19. William Spivey – Eyes Cast Down
20. Chris Anderson – Shavi e Shumba Ofora Pamberi (the spirit of the lion(s) marches forever forward)
21. Robert Otto – A Place of Hope
22. Russell Suereth – Night Dances (from Spiritual Haven, 2015)
23. Age of No – Yellow Eye in a Blue Sky
24. Psicodreamics – Forest Heartbeat (from Ancient Wisdom, 2011)
25. Kuutana – Infinite Improbabilities of Life (from Rebirth, 2015)
27. Another Neglected Hobby – Katanga Spirit
28. Christopher Alvarado – To the Empyrean
29. Wings of an Angel – Saving Mankind Begins with Respect to All Lifeforms
30. Lis Addison – Snakeroot (from Song of the Tree, 2008)
31. Vito Gregoli – All Sentient Beings (from Primordial Sonics, 2012)
32. Ricky Kej – The Beginning (from Global Journey, 2013)


Cecil the Lion was lured out of his protected territory and killed illegally in a “canned” hunt by a hunter who wanted nothing more than a trophy for his ego. Poaching and illegal hunting has become such a problem that it’s possible elephants and rhinos in the wild will go extinct altogether in our lifetimes.

RadHaus wants your help doing something about it.

We can’t all pack up and fly to Africa or India to save the critters. However, there is something that we as musicians can do: we can make music, donate our time and talents.

That’s how this project was born.

This compilation is a delicious mix of ambient, new age, world beat, and experimental music–there’s definitely something here for nearly every ear.

We hope you enjoy it!

Tracks donated by and copyright of the artists specified for each track. All rights reserved.

Album production by RadHaus
Rebekkah Hilgraves, Executive Producer
George Miler, Co-Producer
Luis Flores, Mastering Engineer

Cover painting by Thomas Jackson Park

Cover design by Archer Design & Marketing

Promotions and publicity provided by Sherry Finzer/RS Promotions

Additional social media assistance provided by Michael Jobborn — we are so grateful for all the time and effort you put into helping with social media sharing!

About the producers:

George Miler was a contributor and editorial board member for North American Review for ten years. He authored articles on cultural trends and branched out in more holistic directions that included international economics, trade policies, and crises. The time he spent in the John Glenn College of Public Affairs’ Washington Academic Internship Program made this natural, finding overspecialization to be too confining. George’s goal is to improve on the work of others by looking more closely at the impact of old paradigms on the natural environment.

“I believe the West is in a state of crisis now, characterized by a destructive use of natural resources that is hurting the quality of life for people in other countries. I believe we are seeing the consequences of that now with our economic and environmental crises here.”

Rebekkah Hilgraves is a 30-year veteran of both radio broadcasting/production and the performance stage, retiring from opera in 2012. She is also a marketing technology consultant and now turns her attention to activism and ways she can leverage her various expertise to help get important work done. She is the founder and chief broadcast engineer at RadHaus.


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