RadioSpiral: Getting to Fifth Bass

The tracks on this album are original tracks that were created specifically around the “Getting to Fifth Bass” episode of At Water’s Edge on RadioSpiral ( Proceeds from the sales of this album help offset the operation costs of RadioSpiral, which is a labor of love for all concerned.

Suggested Price: $7.00

01 Gypsy Witch - Moon Bass Five (mp3)
02 Christopher Alvarado - Martyr (mp3)
03 Har - The Low Road (mp3)
05 Glenn Sogge - White Rat Passacaglia, Fugue, and Round (mp3)
06 David Gerard - The Immortal Time Portal, I-III (mp3)
07 Altocirrus - Basilisk (mp3)
08 Brother Saturn - Mindful Symmetry (mp3)


It began as a dare…

In the Radio Spiral chat room a couple of weeks ago, a gauntlet was thrown. A certain denizen who shall remain nameless declared that “if Radio Spiral plays a track with five simultaneous bass lines, I’ll run through town naked.” Another denizen shortly thereafter suggested that any program that included such a track should be called “Getting to Fifth Bass”. And so an episode was born.

We tossed the challenge out to the interwebz, and this episode was the result. We liked the show so much we thought it would make a great compilation release.

Thanks for listening!

And turn up those subwoofers, baby!

At Water’s Edge:
Cover photography by Har ( Those are his instruments in the picture. Amazing!)
Cover design by RadHaus (
Executive Producer: Rebekkah Hilgraves
Mastering Engineer: Luis Flores


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