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Based on poetry and prose written by Rebekkah Hilgraves, this collaboration with Japanese ambient artist Juta Takahashi is a unique offering, combining an evocative ambient soundtrack with readings of a poem (both in English and in Japanese).

The title “Liebesträume” means “Love Dreams” and has a few layers of meaning: “dreams of love”, “love that dreams”, and even “I love dreams”. The poetry and story included on this album are allegories of the human experience of love’s mystery, where love that is strong enough can make things manifest in “the real world”.

01 Awake (English version)
02 The Girl Who Dreamed
03 Dream Within Dreams
04 Awake (Japanese version)
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About Juta Takahashi

Juta Takahashi was born in Miyagi, Japan in 1959, and then spent his childhood to teens in Aomori. During his teen years, he was strongly influenced by progressive rock and synthesizer music that was considered avant-garde at the time. He went to Tokyo to continue his education, and his career as a musician started afterward. Although he was originally a guitarist and played rock music such as King Crimson’s that valued improvisation, he gradually devoted himself to electronic music.

He now resides in Sendai, Miyagi and is producing music as an independent musician using synthesizers and computers. His primary influences are electronic/ambient musicians such as Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Vangelis and Pete Namlook, etc. Though his music is essentially beautiful, calm, emotional and melodious, aggressive sounds that catch a glimpse of his original background also appear sometimes. Since he prefers analog instruments to digital ones, his works are characterized by the former. His music composition mainly consists of not programming but improvisation.

“I’m pleased to announce that “Liebesträume”, a collaborative album with Rebekkah Hilgraves, has been released from RadHaus. I flatter myself that I could make dreamy and lovely music that fit with her poetry and story. However, if her work hadn’t been inspiring, I would not have been able to make it. She is a highly gifted artist. As for the only instrumental track, ‘Dreams Within Dreams’, I wanted to make it different. I think I could make it not only dreamy, but also a little bit chaotic. The title parodies “Worlds Within Worlds” by Basil Kirchin. I’d like to thank Rebekkah Hilgraves for her beautiful work and voice. And I’m grateful to Luis Flores for his outstanding mastering as well.”

– Juta Takahashi

About Rebekkah Hilgraves

Rebekkah Hilgraves was born in Washington, D.C. and now makes her home in Los Angeles. She began training seriously for a vocal career at an early age. Studies in Voice Performance at Northern Illinois University included art song and opera, early music performance practice, vocal pedagogy and stagecraft. She also began broadcasting at WNIU in DeKalb, continuing in broadcasting, commercial and industrial voice-over work in several major markets in the years since. Currently she hosts a weekly program on RadioSpiral called At Water’s Edge.

Her singing instructors have included Myron Myers in Chicago; Genia Las in Buffalo, New York; Edward Sayegh, a San Francisco-based instructor; Gerald Martin-Moore, Thomas Wolf, and Neal Goren in New York City.

In addition to her work in radio, Rebekkah has also done commercial and industrial voice-over work, including commercials for Thomasville Home Furnishings, Bojangle’s and several other major advertisers, and training and marketing videos for Digital Landing, Marketo and many other clients.

Currently she hosts a weekly program on StillStream.FM (, and you can hear archived broadcasts at

“It has truly been an honor to work with such a gifted musician, and working collaboratively across the world always feels a little miraculous to me. Thus, it is with great pleasure that we announce this unique collaboration, nearly nine months in the making. Liebesträume is a declaration of love that transcends time and space, and a declaration of hope that the human race can turn away from its tendency to war, and instead turn toward love, which is the only thing that will save us.

Thank you to Juta Takahashi: for your stunning musicianship, for challenging me to move beyond my comfort zone, and for creating such a gorgeous tapestry to illustrate the words of my heart.

Thank you to Luis Flores for your incredible skill and magic ears, which brought these recordings fully to life.”

– Rebekkah Hilgraves

You can read a lovely review from Synth Caresses

Poetry and story written and read by Rebekkah Hilgraves
“The Girl Who Dreamed”:
Japanese translation of “Awake” written by Juta Takahashi.
Music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Juta Takahashi.Music recorded and mixed at Lunisolar Studio by Juta Takahashi (
Voice tracks recorded at RadHaus US (
Final mastering at RadHaus US by Luis FloresCover art by Rebekkah Hilgraves


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