Legacy and Evolution: A Tribute to Edgar Froese – Digital Download

EDGAR FROESE: b 1944, d 2015 German artist and electronic music pioneer, founder of the electronic music group Tangerine Dream. www.edgarfroese.com

NOTE: All proceeds from the sales of this collection will benefit the Bob Moog Foundation’s “Dr. Bob’s Sound School”.

Suggested Price: $12.00

01 Phrozenlight - Solardaeus
02 Head Joint - Sounds Afar I
03 Head Joint with Ken NitroChrome - Sounds Afar II
04 Head Joint - Sounds Afar III
05 Sequential Dreams - Legacy
06 Shaping Mind - Lily on the empty beach
07 Chris Anderson - Meditation on Logos (For Edgar Froese)
08 Daniel Prendiville - Ich bin Liner
09 Ade Hodges - Ultimate Fuel (Tribute to Edgar Froese)
10 Bouvetoya - Sequence In Orange Minor
11 Eric the Taylor - Ominous II
12 Fabio Keiner - Zeitlos
13 Christian Fiesel - New Cosmic Adress (A Tribute To Edgar Froese)
14 Tim Kays - Speaking in Froese
15 Ian Haygreen - The Dream Remains
16 Numina - At the Axon Terminal
17 Scott Lawlor - Dreaming the Timeless Dream
18 Cloudwalk - Phoenix
19 Mean Flow - Viridis Achates
20 Jack Hertz - Clipping Memories
21 dreamSTATE - White Falcon
22 Playman54 - Departing Friend (for Edgar)
23 Michael Brueckner - Everlasting Footprints - Relaxed Version
24 Sequentia Legenda - Au Revoir


At the passing of Edgar Froese, a number of ambient and electronic musicians expressed interest in doing a tribute project.

The RadHaus US audiophile label has compiled from those artists a collection of works composed in honor of Edgar Froese, in most cases composed specifically for this project. We certainly are not the only ones–his influence is profound, so vast it’s difficult to quantify. What we hope sets our project apart a little bit is that it’s being released as an audiophile project, with very high-resolution audio, and that all proceeds are going to benefit Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool (moogfoundation.org/projects/dr-bobssoundschool/)

We broadcast a number of the tracks on a special edition of “At Water’s Edge”, called “Legacy and Evolution: A Tribute to Edgar Froese” (also the name of the compilation). Pictures for the program were supplied by Wolf Red, who was fortunate to be one of the stage photographers for Tangerine Dream’s performance at the 2008 Loreley Festival. You can find this broadcast archive at awe.fm/AWE-EFtrib

This compilation comprises over four and a half (4.5) hours of music, all of it incredibly high quality. This is a fitting tribute, we believe, to a musician who has in so many ways influenced nearly all of the electronic music we hear now and in the future.

“There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.” -Edgar Froese

Michelle Moog-Koussa wrote a lovely reflection for this release (thank you, Michelle!):

“In 2011, I had the opportunity to interview Edgar Froese about his connection to Bob Moog. He spoke eloquently about the profound nature of Moog’s impact on his work, “It is immense. Without Bob´s very early inventions of a voltage-controlled filter curve or the option of fine-tuning all intervals up to adjustable envelope shapes (just to name a very few), the modern ability to structure sound would be unthinkable.” He stated emphatically that the deep capability of Moog’s inventions had yet to be truly explored even 50 years after their release. Not everyone grasps the profound philosophical underpinnings of the Moog synthesizer, but Edgar certainly did.

“The Bob Moog Foundation is grateful and humbled to be the beneficiary of an album paying tribute to one of the most visionary electronic artists of the 20th century. Many thanks to all involved.”

— Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director, the Bob Moog Foundation credits released July 1, 2015

Album cover art © by Sequentia Legenda (sequentia-legenda.bandcamp.com)

Photos for cover art © by Wolf Red – Tangerine Dream at the 2008 Loreley Festival (wolfproject.bandcamp.com)


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