Remote Production Services

RadHaus provides remote production services to supplement existing production capabilities or to act as your production company. From recording to broadcasting to sound engineering, you’ve got a quality team.

Remote Production Capabilities

Whether you outsource it all to RadHaus or we supplement your current capabilities, RadHaus can provide:

  • Audio recording up to 40 channels
  • Video recording up to 4K
  • Lighting
  • Live Broadcasting and Streaming
  • Onsite Production Manager
  • PA for stage
  • Audio engineers
  • Video engineers
  • Live event videographers

As performers and producers, we understand the experience from artist to audience

The Artist Experience

We work with you to ensure the best performer experience. Your monitor mix is critical, and we take the time to give you what you need.

The Audience Experience

Whether your audience is onsite or online, we ensure top quality broadcasting and live streaming to bring your audiences the experience they deserve.