A labor of love for an awesome cause…

All profits from sales of this album go directly to Big Life Foundation, a conservation organization working on the ground in Africa to protect wildlife.

“We believe that if we can learn to respect wildlife, we’ll learn to respect one another.”

This project, like many that we do, was a labor of love. When news of the death of Cecil the Lion became widespread, we decided that we needed to do something. The best thing we could do, as we considered options, was to rally artists to do what artists so often do — bring their talents to bear to support justice.

Within 24 hours of putting out the original call for tracks, we had an amazing response, much more than we had imagined would be possible. So the project took on a life of its own, with musicians, graphic designers, photographers, writers, marketers, and studio engineers all rallying to create this magnificent release. We even managed to get on the Grammy ballot! We weren’t nominated, but it was an honor to be considered at all, given that compilations generally are not accepted.

The effort continues. With every new sale of either the physical or digital media, Big Life Foundation receives a donation. One of the most effective conservation organizations in the world, Big Life works on the ground in Africa, partnering in unique — and uniquely effective — ways with communities to protect nature for the benefit of all.

Why all this trouble to protect wildlife? Why not donate to other causes? First of all, we do that, too — but we believe that compassion and respect for the natural world has a ripple effect. We can’t help but begin respecting each other when we learn true respect for the planet and all life.

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