RadHaus is a recording studio and audiophile house, with both in-house and remote capabilities. We come to you!

We offer…

  • Multitrack concert (remote) and studio recording in an acoustically unique space
  • Audiophile recording and mastering
  • Audio restoration
  • Audio and video for broadcast
  • Professional voice-over and on-camera artists
  • Full scale TV/video production crew and CGI design team
  • Online video/Flash, TV commercials, training, on-demand
  • Studio and event photography
  • Artist marketing
  • CD design, print and duplication
An image of one of our excellent cameras, ceiling mounted and remote-controlled, so we set it in the middle of the audience without being in anyone's way!

We love to work with

  • Classical ensembles
  • Acoustic jazz ensembles
  • World music
  • Ambient electronic and experimental music
  • EDM/Dubstep/drum and bass
  • Indy rock
  • YOU!

We do great remote work for live performances–we can record and mix-on-the-fly at your live venue, and broadcast live audio and video (and our video archive is here).

RadHaus is decked out with top-notch analog and digital gear, outboard processors and other cool stuff. We produce great-sounding masters. Our passion is great sound from great recordings.

All studios claim to use “state of the art” gear — and the state of the art includes both current art and all that has gone before. Though we count on state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the best possible results, what sets us apart is our innovative thinking, our custom, one-of-kind gear, our audiophile approach to recording and mastering, and our constant drive to challenge the status quo through unique collaborations with all types of artists.

We bring life to your artistic vision and endeavor. Contact us if you are interested in recording, restoration, or mastering with us or getting a free evaluation of your mix.

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