RadHaus is a mobile digital recording facility with some good old-fashioned analog devices to give your recording the best possible sound. We use a number of custom components developed specifically to bring out the best features of this unique studio. With the addition of custom binaural recording capabilities, RadHaus is set to make both audiophile and traditional commercial recordings.

RadHaus is a very talented team of recording, mixing and mastering engineers, along with a complete marketing and PR division. It’s an exciting group, offering both commercial and audiophile recording, live broadcasts and music video creation.

RadHaus uses a 32-track digital mixer that allows us to create multi-track recordings, and send a great broadcast of your performance or event to video and audio feeds. And for audiophiles, we offer custom binaural recording and mastering, designed by our own LFF and unique to RadHaus.

We have an entire design and marketing team ready to build your brand: logos, photography, album cover designs, layouts, web design, social marketing and more. With decades of marketing experience, we bring your act to market.

Complete with mascot


The studio cat, Booger, has seen it all. Although he pretends disinterest, he’ll eventually try to make friends with everyone in the room. His favorite spot to hide out is in a little tucked-away corner of the studio, but he also loves to hang out in the windows and do what he does best: own the world.

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