Media Production

Video and Audio Recording, Broadcast

RadHaus.Studio offers multi-camera and multi-track audio and video recording, production and broadcast at our facility or yours.

Mobile Audiophile Studio

RadHaus is a unique mobile recording and online broadcast facility, using a blend of factory and custom components developed specifically to bring out the best features of your music.

White Horse Live

RadHaus directs and co-produces a new weekly live music series with White Horse Black Mountain called White Horse Live. These live sessions bring an array of local, regional, national, and international artists to global audiences online.

It’s always a treat to work with folks who are both top-notch professionals and friendly and fun to work with. The RadHaus crew are consistently both. They create a space where an artist can be free to concentrate completely on the art, knowing the technical aspects are taken care of.
David LaMotte

Online Releases