RadioSpiral: Getting to Fifth Bass

This album comprises original tracks that were created specifically for the “Getting to Fifth Bass” episode of At Water’s Edge on RadioSpiral. Turn up those subwoofers, baby!

RadHaus is a mobile digital recording facility with some good old-fashioned analog devices to give your recording the best possible sound. We use a number of custom components developed specifically to bring out the best features of this unique studio. With the addition of custom binaural recording capabilities, RadHaus is set to make both audiophile and traditional commercial recordings.

  • RadioSpiral: Getting to Fifth Bass

    Suggested Price: $7.00
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  • Saving Cecil’s Pride – 3 CD set

  • Legacy and Evolution: A Tribute to Edgar Froese – Digital Download

    Suggested Price: $12.00
  • Liebesträume – Digital Download

  • Rachel Rising

    Suggested Price: $10.00

River of Road

by Cousin Silas & Rebekkah Hilgraves | Silas & Friends vi, part iii